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Yesterday, I was scanning through good, possible Internet domains to keep anti-Universalists from squatting on good names. (It’s happened before.)  I do this every few months. Lo and behold, following up on one that had been registered, I discovered (Larger hope is a common self-description for Universalists, and the title of the standard two-volume institutional history of Universalism.)

The site a mapping tool to “provide a way for others who believe the word of God to connect with one another”; that is, those who believe in Universal Salvation. Quite the blessing, and a very good idea. Go and review the theological statement — not to all convictions of those who read this blog — and if you’re a good match be sure to put your name on the map. Be warned; you’ll be sharing your email address too, so you might want to use a forwarding address.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. One thing I’m confused about on this site: It says they believe that “Christ died for all, especially believers.” What do they mean by the “especially believers” part, do you think?


  2. It’s a quotation from 1 Timothy, often used by Universalists. I’ve taken the “especially believers” part to mean — as it has been interpreted traditionally — to refer to the blessings and comfort to knowing that God is the universal savior as a foretaste for what all will eventually discover to be true. Understanding — and the response to that understanding; see the “holiness and true happiness” plank of the Winchester Profession — is a Universalist distinctive respecting the nature of salvation.

  3. My site,, is intended to connect those who believe that what Christ accomplished on the cross will eventually lead to the salvation of all.

    Some of us would categorize ourselves as Christian Universalists, I personally don’t like the “Universalist” label as it is often associated with Unitarian Universalists who, as I understand, don’t believe that the holy scriptures are the inspired word of God.

    Scott answered the “especially” question quite well.

    Grace and peace to you,


  4. Oh, and one other thing. The email addresses are only visible to registered members, and not to the public so you should not have any issues with internet ‘bots’ harvesting the addresses. I dislike spam and have done everything I can to ensure that no one on our site gets on spammer lists!

    God bless,


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