Just in time for Easter?

I’ve gotten two mail solicitations for a religious magazine — at a “professional discount” — in three days. Is anyone else getting these?

If you’re getting solicitations, comment which ones. (I don’t want to prejudice this experiment, so I’ll wait for a few comments to say which magazines have written me.)

I’m curious to see how many titles are being offered.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. Christian Century, Sojourners, Wittenburg Door, Pulpit Resource, some magazine for evangelical youth… but not in three days, more like a week or so

    funny thing is, even the ones I subscribe to also send those one addressed to “Pastor”…

  2. Even I got a “professional discount” subscription forms for Christian Century and Sojourners. although mine was about two weeks ago. And even though i “officiated” two services this Easter ( at locations over 100 miles apart), I definitely dont fit the professional category.

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