Links: July 15

Oh, four days without a post makes Scott a dull boy. But the irons I have in the fire aren’t quite hot enough.

Instead, here are some fun or interesting things I’ve read recently:

“This license is written with the intent of good faith, integrity, and commitment – towards transparency within the process of creating post-scarcity economies. By accepting these terms, supporting OSE work, or by getting involved with the work of OSE, you are accepting to return the same intent.”

“The Order has for its service in life the cultivation of the Spirit of Love towards all Souls; helping the weak and defending the defenceless and oppressed;

Abstaining from hurting the creatures, eschewing bloodshed and flesh-eating, and living on the pure foods so abundantly provided by nature;

Walking in the Mystic Way of Life, whose Path leads to the realization of the Christhood.”

“The Open Siddur Project envisions Jewish spirituality as a shared and collaborative project that is rooted in the wisdom of our traditions and which finds expression through the evolving diversity of our communities and the intimate experiences of our individual relationships.”

“The Open Siddur Project is . . . an open source and free culture project. We provide a framework for liturgists, translators, commentators, and others to grant explicit permission to anyone to adapt and modify their work for their use, or to simply incorporate it into a newly crafted siddur”

Might, in time, get me to change my thinking about Chinese factory goods. But time will tell.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.

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  1. I went to an Order of the Cross gathering in Wisconsin,not far from Chicago, in 1985. I haven’t had much contact with Order people in the last 20 years. Would like to hear something from anyone who has.

    I also corresponded for a few years with the founder (Antony Bates) of a “protestant” version of the Order called Followers of the Way


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