Lunch watch: Indian lunch near K Street

Blast! I don’t recall the name of the new Indian place near the northwest corner of 19th and K St, N.W. here in Washington. It’s new-ish, and does have the word Spice in it. Being the BB&T bank, if you’re approaching from K Street.

For about $7.50, I got the rice-plus-two-curry special. Not greasy. Was tasty, but I doubt it’ll make anyone’s mind reel back to hot nights in Rajasthan.

This restaurant is two doors down from the eco-vegan Java Green Cafe, which uses some compostable take-away serving pieces. But I don’t care for the food and it’s much more expensive. So ecologically minded vegans are already heading to the area, explaining perhaps the conspicuous signs for vegan fare. (There’s plenty of meat and dairy options.)

I got my chana, palak paneer and rice in a sugarcane fiber clamshell carton. I declined the plastic bag and walked past the waxy-colored compostable plastic forks. I suppose if I had asked for pickle or chutney I would have gotten some plastic — these were pre-dished in little plastic tubs — and, to tell the truth, it would have benefited from the extra spice.

But I will go back.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. We had dinner in Moab a couple nights ago at a place called Buck’s. I think they used the same kind of fiber clamshell, which was great until the food oozed right through it and into spouse’s scooter truck on the 3 mile return trip. I hope you had better luck with yours!

    I am still looking to replace my plastic food storage containers at home with Pyrex, but have decided to try to find the glass items used. I think it’s better to keep using the old plastic rather than buy new glass, as the environmental costs of new manufacturing need to be considered. Once we switch to glass, the plastic containers will become parts/odds and ends storage. I’m all for reducing plastic, but if it still has lots of life in it, why toss it?

    On our last visit to an airport, the only dining option was California Pizza Kitchen, where one could order a tasty, healthy salad in a giant plastic clamshell or evil, greasy carb-loaded pizza in a cardboard box. Of course, we took the earth-friendly high road and chose to honor Mother Earth rather than our diet. I blame you, Scott.

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