Naming a church

A friend asked what I might name my church, if it gets going.

I have ideas – I’ll keep them close to my chest for the meantime – but it would have two names, and two web domains. Neither will be that ubiquitous mouthful “The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of [Several Counties].”

One would be its final name, and the other that clearly identified it as a work-in-progress. Something for new people to get in, because we’re all new.

I got the latter idea from a seminary classmate who started a church. See the
Fort Worth Church Project website.

It might be the kind of church I’d want to attend. What do you think? And what name do you dream for your ideal church?

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  1. I’m confused. Is the Fort Worth Church Project Website a satire, like Landover Baptist Church? Or did the minister really preach the “Undressed” sermon series?

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