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I’m back — sort of. I will start writing again, but in a more limited and (I hope) disciplined way. (Speaking of: if you went to look for the new issue of The Liberal Christian and could not find it, please look here now. My mistake.)

First. I will be saying very little about the Unitarian Universalist Association. Not because I don’t think it makes identifiable errors, but because I think the organization is moribund and complaining about it is a waste of time. It’s already contracting institutionally and doesn’t spawn new congregations. Changing generational expectations about social organization will make bureaucratic denominationalism a costly artifact.

I will write about Unitarian and Universalist meta-congregational entities have and share hope: these are mostly, but not exclusively, overseas. (In my opinion, the sleeper success in Unitarian Universalism today is the UU United Nations Office. Check them out and join, especially if Darfur and international BGLT issues are close to your heart. I did.)

Second. I’ll be breaking up the theme of this blog. I had two other blogs before: New Church Mission (just what it sounds like) and Collect Call (about traditional Universalist prayers) and have folded them back into Boy in the Bands. All prior content will stay here, but I may copy over some tidbits to the new work.

From here on, I’ll be posting my more serious church-related writing at, including my return to sermon writing. This will begin on September 19, the tenth anniversary of my ordination to “the ministry of the Gospel”. Please go ahead and follow it, if you subscribe to blogs.

I’ll keep this blog for shorter format writing, both lighter in tone and with more focus on my other advocations: free and open-source software, the District of Columbia and public transportation. There will be more politics and photos than before. Perhaps some cooking. Expect a certain churchly overlay.

I will also continue my blog — low volume, strictly about plastic use reduction.

Lastly — perhaps in the late fall — I’ll begin a slow, long-term project to catalog all (1790-1959) the enacted resolutions and recommendations of the Universalist General Convention, its predecessors and rebranded successor (Universalist Church of America) as a resource for study and for current polity and social policy decision making. Steven Rowe’s A Southern “Universalist Church” History blog is the inspiration here; you are reading it? There’s quite a gap in our understanding I’d like to fill.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. Scott, congratulations in advance of Saturday on the 10th anniversary of your ordination; what a blessing it was and is. Thanks especially for your pioneering online ministry during these past years even pre-dating ordination. blessings, Ron

  2. thanks for the mention for my history blog. I suspect you know that it gets almost no hits – that it exists purely for the love of research. I do hope that people looking for Lorena, and the Cloud’s Creek Massacre, might accidentally read that Universalism existed in the southeast USA back to 1790 and earlier. Heck, I sorta hope that UUs might hear that too.
    I will be reading your resolutions stuff – and looking forward to it, and reading lots more from you – no matter which way it goes.

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