New Harmony (Windsor) Universalist Church on Google Street View

I caught a rumor that there was a Google Maps Street View camera vehicle in D.C. If anyone knows if that’s true, please leave a comment.

It’s about time. I’m a little miffed that some very out of the way places have been filmed but not Washington, D.C. Case in point? I found New Harmony Universalist Church, in the Windsor settlement near Loganville, Georgia on Google Maps Street View. A charming now-dormant church that comes to life — if nothing’s changed — on the fourth Sunday in September for homecoming. Metro Atlantans should make a note — but take good food, since the shared dinner is among the best you’ll ever have.

At least now you won’t have a hard time finding it, or knowing what the building looks like. Oh, and “go before you go” — New Harmony (Windsor) had nothing but an outhouse the last time I was there.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. Scott, thanks for this, i’ll be linking to it later today –
    I “drove” up and down looking at the building, lots of fun!
    I like the fact that the grass is better mowed than my front lawn! Somebody is taking care of it.

  2. It was active through the late 1980s, when it became “dormant” and then fell off the radar. The Carter family keeps it up, as the family cemetery is there. It actually has a respectable “book” membership, though I think they’re all related.

  3. Went to homecoming there twice with my grandmother as a child. Remember Brunswick stew which was wonderful. Maybe 60 years ago or close to it.

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