Not lectionary, but calendar?

Chutney makes clear what Chutney (I’d use a pronoun, but I don’t know what gender the writer is) is missing, and that doesn’t jerk my chain so much.

If I were making a thematic calendar with readings — with an overlay “sanctorial” calendar of the “saints” and major anniversaries — I’d start with the procession of the seasons.

After all, the Christian calendar is based on the Jewish calendar, and it has agricultural roots. Seems a good place to start, and then attribute values to the seasons. Values which speak to the particular congregation, if not the UUA in general.

And if a person was going to start compling useful liturgical material, why not go to the prayers of James Martineau? He understood the seasons better than most.


  1. Ooh, we’ve got a trend going here: “Unipalianism,” folks. Post-creedal ritual. (I briefly considered “Episcotarianism,” but of course that would leave the Universalists out, and I like Scott. So Unipalianism it is.)

  2. Well, it works much better than Christianity, which is what my followers are stuck with! (Seriously: the California Achievement Tests always abbreviated my first name. There I was, in front of the whole sixth grade, “WALTON, CHRIST.”) And anyway, among UU bloggers, you’re already a demi-god.

  3. Thinking of the CAT…

    Wuzzle means to mix. Alate means to have wings. A baloo is a bear.

    They gave us that test twice a year, every year, and they wondered why half the eighth grade was in the gifted-talented program…

  4. If I can toss my two cents in- Chutney is exemplary of a true chutney: so sweet you can’t resist it, and so spicy you can’t stand it. (Or at least his blog is.)

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