Pennsylvania Universalist Convention website

The Pennsylvania Convention — a legacy of the former Universalist Church of America — is now a grant-making body and a keeper of Universalist history. I’m glad to say they now have a website.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. I also hear that they have a nice Fall conference each year. A little business, a nice workshop, and then some fun and fellowship. As denominational conferences go, this is the regional kind I increasingly lean towards. It’s the kind that does not devour a ton of my money or paid time off.

  2. I wish they would change their acronym to PaUC. I don’t like sharing it with public utilities commission or pants up crack

  3. The acronym has been officially changed to TPUC. (Trustees of the Pennsylvania Universalist convention). (Approved 04/2015)
    No, we do not have an active website at this time. The previous website was static for years but the trustees continued to pay for it’s presence on the web.
    We revisit this annually and have not been able to find a person willing to volunteer their talents to build and maintain an active website or a viable reason to pay someone to do this.
    The makeup of the TPUC is 4 officers plus 1 trustee and 1 alternate trustee from each member church.
    We do have an annual fall conference which rotates among the seven member churches. These meetings are well described above.
    The fall meeting is also attended by delegates and ministers from the member churches. Guests and visitors are always welcome. Members from the host and surrounding churches are usually in attendance as well. Keynote speakers are usually well respected individuals from within our faith.
    The seven member churches are the remaining pre merger Universalist churches in PA.
    These are:
    The UU church of Athens and Sheshequin
    The First UU church of Girard
    The First Universalist Church of Brooklyn (PA)
    The UU fellowship of Towanda
    The UU church of the Restoration
    The First UU church of Berks County
    The UU church of Smithton
    Any questions or comments may be directed to:
    Trustees of the PA Universalist Convention
    418 Franklin St.
    Reading PA 19602

  4. Joe, good to hear you guys having a voice. I would be happy to share your activities at these churches on the Universalist Herald Facebook page. When people see websites like this, the Herald site/Facebook page and others, people can see how active we really are. After 50 years of consolidation, our voice is still strong in the denomination!

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