Police, Protesters

On the whole, I like the police. Which is good, because today D.C.’s Finest were out in super-sized force downtown. Not in drips or drabs, either, but whole chains of them by car and on bike (see the photo I took from the bus on the way to the wedding I did today).

I’m sure someone felt oppressed. I couldn’t help but wonder where all the demonstrators were. Perhaps I’ll see tomorrow. Or perhaps not.

People were good, and this is all 6’4″ of me walking with a suspicious looking (garment) bag (with my Geneva gown), and in a clerical collar, ripe to be an object of projection. This can happen on ordinary days, and so I was waiting for the jibe that never came.

Yes: the wedding was lovely. Best wishes S. and R.

looking out the window of a bus
a stream of police officers on bikes, on K St. NW

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