Prayer book blues (or, following the useful links), part four

The Internet has so many resources for our hypothetical churches: too many perhaps. Here are my favorite four, and I’ll only add more if they are at least as good as these.

  1. Online Revised Common Lectionary, with texts in New Revised Common Version
  2. Oremus: “daily prayer and prayer resources on the internet”
  3. Textweek, which is my favorite place to get ideas for sermons and supporting extra-biblical texts
  4. Moravian Church Southern Province “Worship Resource Manual”. This new resource could really cut down on planning time, with week-by-week PDF workseets for worship. I hope they continue to develop resources for years A and B.

More. After casting around online today, I found two more resources (I think I found these a couple of years ago, before the current Episcopal Church site rebuild) worth bookmarking. Both are from the Episcopal Church’s main website:

  1. “Sermons that Work”, sermons which are for implied congregational use, and certainly for study. (Perhaps the wiggly langauge is so not to to step on a bishop’s authority to appoints sermons or not.)
  2. “Lesson Plans for Small Congregations”. Now that’s right to the point. For younger children, older children, and adults. Plus, they’re keyed to church date and follow the Revised Common Lectionary. There are also nice helps such as a priced-out shopping list for a church school. Bless their hearts.

Take a look at these, and we’ll continue with part five.

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