Quakers and clothes

I was reading Beppeblog, as I am wont to do. From there I found the Quaker blogs aggregator, QuakerQuaker. (Which makes me think of a meetinghouse themed Vegas casino.) From there I found a number of pages on plain clothing. One of these pages is called

Gohn Brothers, broadfalls, & men’s plain dress

Two thoughts. I got a Gohn Bros. pricesheet years ago, and was fasinated by the plain clothing. Not that I would wear broadfalls, but it is good to know they can still be gotten. Clothes really do set the tone for religious lives. But you know I feel that way. Interestingly, some new-plain Friends whose story I read also pointed out the ethical dimention of clothes buying: that Friends (and Christians) shouldn’t get clothes made in sweatshops.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. I’m glad you understand about clothes and religion, and why it was a religious thing for me to get my Franco Sarto bronze cowboy boots with the stacked heel at Nordstrom’s at the begining of the season.

  2. While one really shouldnt try to say anything past what PeaceBang said – I mean that does say it all!
    i’ve not been one to let the best word be the last word….

    … as I’ve been paying attention and trying to learn about the German Baptist tradition – (particuarly that in the southeast), I found myself perplaxed at those who advocated what they called “plain clothes”. I thought that if I wanted to call attention to myself, I dont think of anything I personaly could do better than wear those “plain clothes” (well that and my wearing my ancestoral dress of a kilt in my rural communty). “Plain” clothes seem to be to be like wearing a neon sign saying “look at me!”.
    While I dress simply (who wants to pay money for fancy dress when there are books to buy?), I apparently am missing the point – or some of the “plain” dressers are missing the point, one or the other…..

    in the interest of complete disclosure, I should note i own a Twilly Hat – if that’s “plain”, Im in hook, line and sinker…..

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