Small can be beautiful (and not even as small as you think)

You know that the Unitarian Universalist Association is a fellowship of small churches by its large number of small churches and what it considers large: churches with memberships over 550. That ain’t huge.

Part of what troubles me about Unitarian Universalism is (a) it adopts one model to accomplish something and (b) that model is usually dated.

So we want big churches now? Hmm. Would we know a really big one if it bit us? Who would minister to it? And would professional jealousies and a fear of the unknown undermine it? And why is it the only option for supported new congregations on the table?

In any case, I’d rather work with our strength: smaller churches. (And there are a number of strategies that can be applied here.) These smaller churches (which range into the mid-sized by UU accounting) are re-gaining some currency. It also covers (in terms of size) every new UU church but one founded in the last decade.

The article is three years old, but worth reading. It could work for us:
Make Way for the Micro-church (Nicki Reno)

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  1. Scott,

    I find myself most comfortable in small churches. I have these fantasies some days about buying up and old wood church out in the country down here and starting up a progressive christian fellowship. That article made me think maybe I’m not wierd, maybe I’m just all postmodern, being Gen X and all. I think the whole megachurch concept does not resemble in any way, shape, or form, what I believe church is meant to be.


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