Some say heresy . . . .

Carlton Pearson is denounced by the Join College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops Conference, reports the Religion News Service, for his belief in universal salvation. The Tulsa pastor has put universalism back on the map, and I’m grateful for that. A quick web search will tell you more about him.

The story ran in the Washington Post on Saturday, but since it is a wire story (I gather) it isn’t on their website. And I can’t find it on the RNS site, either. But has run it.

But a story that ran last year in Christianity Today shows that the same group raked him over the coals before. Then, at least he was not roundly denounced and did offer a defence of his views.

If universalism is to have a revival, I suppose it only natural that anti-universalism will follow in tow.


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