1. Is that little New Jersey that’s left out of the eastern seaboard? I’ve spent too many a holiday in New Jersey. I’d actually trade New Jersey to you for one of the Southern States.

  2. I don’t know how you’ve missed New Jersey! It’s not that far away. Your summer assignment should obviously be a trip to the shore.

  3. If ever you should drive into New Jersey be prepared to pay to get out. There’s no toll to enter the state but to get out costs. By the time you leave you will think that the toll money is well worth it. I know, I live here. Alas.

    When I did the map I had the entire eastern side of the country, New Mexico, California and Washington. Lots of white in the Western states. I should get out more…

  4. To be fair, I have been through New Jersey more times than I care to count, but noting the Metropark station on Amtrak, taking a flight out of Newark or admiring the bright lights of Linden from a bus isn’t my idea of visiting the Garden State so I left it unmarked.

    Hubby and I did plan to visit Cape May on our beach trip last year, but time conked out first. I have a tentative agreement, the next time we’re in New York, to visit Passaic to take in the falls.

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