“Super Size Me” to See

My everloving partner and I saw Super Size Me, to bew documentary about the journalist who examined American obesity by eating an all-McDonald’s diet for a month.

See it if you can, especially if you’re trying to summon courage for dieting but not if you’re prone to nausea. I’d recommend that kids under 16 not go, even if with a parent, due to some frank sexual content. But the message to true for people of all ages, indeed, especially kids who get flooded with bad food messages. A good example of a school with a responsible lunch program, mentioned in the film, is Appleton Central Alternative High School.

But the film was a bit of aroller-coaster; I think I’ll eat brown rice for a month.

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  1. I want to see that!! I worked at McDonalds for 6 whole weeks and ate breakfast there 5 days a week while I was working. 2 days after I quit I had an ambulance ride to the ER, suffered through a 4 hours long gallbladder attack and ended up having laproscopic surgery to remove my poor abused gallbladder 2 days later, and then a day after that an emergency endoscopy to remove the mass of stones that had migrated out of my gallbladder before it was removed and into my liver and completely blocked my main bile duct. I was one sick puppy, had really horrible jaundice (Now we know why Ronald McDonald is that color!!) and was in a lot of pain for several days!

    I will never look at an egg McMuffin the same way again! I am convinced that my McDiet played a huge role in getting so sick!

    (oh and totally unrelated, since you don’t read my lj. The MS neurologist gave me a clean bill of health, my 5yr MRIs are clean and shiny, no spots!! And the neurologist in Athens that said I’d be in a wheelchair in 5 years was horribly wrong. I have a permanent limp but it’s not MS and it’s not coming back!)

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