Sweet revenge

Philocrites notes in his Texas’ taxes.

You’re no doubt disappointed that we UU bloggers are coming late to this story. Boy in the Bands plots revenge, but I merely noted the story two days ago in my Scrapbook.

My idea of revenge would be twenty new Unitarian Universalist congregations in Texas, and a legal defence fund for the Dennison (and other) churches.

Oh, and perhaps enlisting as many non-Unitarian Universalists in Texas to make their objections known. I remember my profs (in my seminary in Texas) once saying that he stood up for the disadvantaged and that the causes he supported needed the help of while, Protestant, male clergy, just to show the powers-that-be that “people like them” were involved in making a change.

Yes: this works from racist and sexist assumptions, but they are the assumptions of those misusing their power, not the ones of those demanding their rights.

So, like the straight people in Massachusetts who support and defend the rights of same-sex couples to marry (thank you) we need some friends in Texas to rock the world of those who think that we are immaterial and easy to dismiss.

You may call that revenge if you will. (I do have a flutter of glee at the thought of tough-minded Texas Baptist pastors, workig from a strong sense of principle, defending us in public, for instance.) But I would call it community building, too.

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