Help needed: FOSS for public transportation systems

Do you know of free and open source software (FOSS) for managing public transit (public transportation) systems? Especially small, bus-based systems. Perhaps I don’t know the lingo well enough, but all I can find are expensive, proprietary systems. You would think there was a need. As in earlier requests, pointers to good association or government… Continue reading Help needed: FOSS for public transportation systems

Greyhound steps up

“The Dog” has a bad reputation of being the intercity tranportation mode of last resort. That’s a shame. Many countries enjoy inexpensive, efficient (if not fancy) bus transportation. And that’s an efficient use of depleting petroleum. And oil jumped above $120 a barrel on Friday. But Greyhound’s service stinks. Hubby was shocked that you didn’t… Continue reading Greyhound steps up

Atlanta people! Freedom from the car!

Few friends come as good as K. (for Katharine, who’s identified herself with her blog, so I’m glad to do the same) who writes at pointedview. So I think she’ll forgive me for cribbing her whole post, addressed to metro Atlanta residents. But leave her the comments; it’s how you show the love. Metro Atlanta… Continue reading Atlanta people! Freedom from the car!

Megabus enters northeastern corridor

Back in 2006, I first wrote about the UK-based Megabus entering the US market, and giving riders an option between the hard-worn Greyhound and the under-regulated (“is that antifreeze?”) “Chinatown” buses. (Link, to give you an idea of schedules and fares.) They’ve since moved to locations in California and Nevada, and have now announced a… Continue reading Megabus enters northeastern corridor