2012 United States Esperanto National Congress

The Landa Kongreso — the National Congress or Convention — for United States Esperantists in 2012 will take place from June 22 to 25 at the University of Texas, Dallas Campus in Richardson, Texas. If you’ve been meaning to learn Esperanto (or in my case, improve it) here’s an opportunity for you — especially if… Continue reading 2012 United States Esperanto National Congress

[Unitarian|Universalist] Esperantists join ICUU

I got an email today from Sherry Wells/Ŝeri Ŭelz (no relation) stating that the Unitarian Universalist Esperanto Network a.k.a. UU-Esperanto has been admitted as an associate member of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists, and that she and two others will present a program at the ICUU conference in Transylvania this fall.