Your booth is too white

That’s not a racial assertion, but an aesthetic one. At General Assembly, some booths in the exhibit hall were visually attractive and others were bland, and it was largely a function of the use of color. But there are some steps to make a booth more interesting. Let’s consider how exhibit halls are set up.… Continue reading Your booth is too white

General Assembly is where . . . ?

The current financial crisis is going to make General Assembly travel difficult for many Unitarian Universalists this year, but I looked into going. After all, the rail trip from the East to Salt Lake City is among the loveliest in the world. But the more I read about heavy out-of-state Mormon financing of the anti-gay… Continue reading General Assembly is where . . . ?

Reducing plastic: Banners at General Assembly

I’ve been thinking about how to reduce my plastic use, if for no other reason than it doesn’t biodegrade in a lifetime. (Crumbling isn’t the same.) Because the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly is coming up, I have to wonder again about the Banner Parade — a major feature of the opening plenary session —… Continue reading Reducing plastic: Banners at General Assembly