Google, for flight planning

So I stumbled across a new, handy, location-aware flight planning tool on Google. And so continues my love-hate relationship with Big G. Click this — you should get prices for flights to General Assembly;t=PVD;d=2014-06-25;r=2014-06-29;ti=t0000-1100,t1700-2400;mc=m I would appreciate you telling me what you actually get.

Learning Gmail

If you use Gmail for your church or nonprofit business, just go ahead and review these tips from Google. There’s even a ready-to-print version. (Thanks L. N. for the head’s up)

Google Apps for nonprofits

I now have several weeks’ experience with Google Apps — the suite of Google mail, documents and other tools using your own domain — in a nonprofit organization setting. Put mildly, I’m sold on it. (Though as a nonprofit, with an “educational” account, it is free of charge.) Email admin is easier and sharing documents… Continue reading Google Apps for nonprofits

Google Docs support templates: handy for admin

Google today made another step towards having your (church) office online. Let me back up. It’s pretty clear the fine folk at Google have their sights on Microsoft, or really any operating system. Why have anything as pedestrian as software on your own computer if you can have access to software on a Google server?… Continue reading Google Docs support templates: handy for admin

New Harmony (Windsor) Universalist Church on Google Street View

I caught a rumor that there was a Google Maps Street View camera vehicle in D.C. If anyone knows if that’s true, please leave a comment. It’s about time. I’m a little miffed that some very out of the way places have been filmed but not Washington, D.C. Case in point? I found New Harmony… Continue reading New Harmony (Windsor) Universalist Church on Google Street View

When you Google “unitarian”

You get these first three entries in this order. Interesting. And what does that say about branding? Unitarianism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For the liberal religious movement with the same name, see Unitarian Universalism for the … This is because over time, some Unitarians and many Unitarian … – 79k – Cached –… Continue reading When you Google “unitarian”