Saviour of All Fellowship’s gentle ministry

I’m always happy when I get an envelope of newsletters from the Saviour of All Fellowship. Even though you can read them online now — not always the case — there’s something about getting the letter. I need to put a check in the mail to them. Each month is one side of a leaf… Continue reading Saviour of All Fellowship’s gentle ministry

Blog: The Simple Light Cafe

I found a new independent-Universalist blog recently, The Simple Light Cafe. My one regret is that the blogger writes infrequently, but writes in a meaningfully dense way that I suspect each post is worth three or four careful reviews. The writer has a theology that James Relly would have recognized: quite a good think in… Continue reading Blog: The Simple Light Cafe

Remembering Bill Balkan

You won’t find a reference to the Rev. William Balkan in the records of the Unitarian Universalist Association, even though he spent his last years of pastoral ministry serving Canon (Georgia) Universalist Church — holding on longer than he wanted so that I might finish seminary and succeed him — and wrote for the the… Continue reading Remembering Bill Balkan