The Liberal Christian magazine up

A bit early, as Hubby and I are taking a last-minute trip. Be sure to see it at Anyone may see articles in HTML, and those who register — it might take a bit of time to approve new registrants because of the trip — and log in may download a PDF. Two versions:… Continue reading The Liberal Christian magazine up

James Relly’s book, “Union”

While I’m cleaning out and finding useful files, I thought I would re-share the PDF book I made of James Relly’s 1759 “Union: or, a Treatise of the Consanguinity and Affinity between Christ and his Church.” I have made this available at my (somewhat dormant) site, so I think this is the first time… Continue reading James Relly’s book, “Union”

Rellyan Universalism: a late witness

I’m trying — again — to learn the LaTeX document preparation system and discovered three documents I prepared in 2005 in LaTeX, and output as a PDF. I’ll be reposting these this week. The first is the “Letter from the [Universalist] Church in New Britain [Connecticut] to the Universalist Convention of 1805”. Richard Eddy reprinted… Continue reading Rellyan Universalism: a late witness