3 is out

Like Michelle Murrain, I’ve been using the free and open-source office suite “before it was” — thanks to the good example of the Labarum military chaplaincy liturgy site, which released some of its files in the older Star Office format. I’m also glad the new version of has, for the first time,… Continue reading 3 is out

The Sunday-only calendar

PeaceBang asked for a Sundays-only calendar template. Here’s my first draft: both as a PDF and ODS, the later a spreadsheet that can be read and written in Google Docs and New for 2018. The updated calendar is at New for 2017. Since this blog post still gets alot of readers, and requests,including… Continue reading The Sunday-only calendar

Automating orders of service, part 2

Now that I have the order of service in an Writer document with some style added, we can break it up and add some fields. Personalized information If you installed like I suggested in my “Helping Lower Walnut: office suite” post, you would have filled in some user data. (I recommend the name… Continue reading Automating orders of service, part 2

Automating orders of service with

One of the most frustrating, time-consuming tasks I had when I was in parish ministry was getting the order of service printed right. Not written, but printed. Either I did it myself or with an assistant with rounds of edits. And still there’d be typos or skewed margins. I’m working up a robust solution and… Continue reading Automating orders of service with training

Michelle Murrain (Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology) presented an — the free and open source productivity suite — training (or “untraining”) for Google as a part of their TechTalk series, and you can watch it here. Details at NOSI.

Helping Lower Walnut: office suite

It’s no secret I love It’s no secret that there’s a new 2.4 release and a beta for the 3.0 release out. Perhaps less well known is that you can run Windows and use (The 3.0 version, with full release due in September, should benefit long-suffering Mac users.) The Rev. Angela Mather knew… Continue reading Helping Lower Walnut: office suite