Four bucket dishwashing system

Nancy McLauchlan (Words few and savory, seasoned with Grace) included this tidbit in her review of western Friends meetings. (Broad-brimmed hat tip: QuakerQuaker via Twitter) Redwood Forest Meeting (Santa Rosa, CA) has adapted a “Four Bucket” system of dishwashing to hygienically wash the dishes and not waste water. This is church administration at its most… Continue reading Four bucket dishwashing system

I missed Unitarian Week in Nantes!

If you read French — I don’t, though I can pick out enough to get the gist — you might enjoy reading about these activities with the Unitarians and fellow-travelers. “à Nantes, les unitariens sont en relation avec d’autres croyants” (Assemblée fraternelle des chrétiens unitariens)

Quakers and clothes

I was reading Beppeblog, as I am wont to do. From there I found the Quaker blogs aggregator, QuakerQuaker. (Which makes me think of a meetinghouse themed Vegas casino.) From there I found a number of pages on plain clothing. One of these pages is called Gohn Brothers, broadfalls, & men’s plain dress Two thoughts.… Continue reading Quakers and clothes