Good news: no marriage recognition referendum

Whew! The District of Columbia Board of Election and Ethics (DC BOEE), citing a 2002 amendment to the D.C. Human Rights Act, ruled that there can be no referendum which could repeal D.C. Council-passed legislation recognizing same-sex marriages from other jurisdictions. Imagine that! there can’t be ballot action to remove human rights! Coverage at DCist… Continue reading Good news: no marriage recognition referendum

Rally tonight for equal marriage

Just got back home from an hour-long rally at Dupont Circle, organized under the banner of Join the Impact — I wondered, why not outside the White House — in opposition to the Proposition 8 decision in the California Supreme Court. But the strong subtext was preparing the assembly — I’m guessing there were about… Continue reading Rally tonight for equal marriage

Vermont and Iowa and churches

If you missed it, please review Massmarrier’s latest take on the prospect of a Vermont governor’s veto of the marriage bill state lawmakers passed. In sum? Review the Iowa decision and drop the faith-n-feelings argument. And a note to the Christian opponents of same-sex marriage: the under-30s are judging you and the faith based on… Continue reading Vermont and Iowa and churches

Yeah, I’m mad about the Warren pick

And I have good reasons. And thoughts about the various responses in the Left. While I’m consigning them to words, go over to Open Left and follow Matt Stoller’s last few post on the subject. (Disclosure: I know him professionally.)

“No on Prop 8” site attacked

Towleroad reports that the “No on Prop 8” Web site received a denial-of-service attack last night. Just the kind of thing you’d expect from the no-holds-barred opponents of same-sex marriage. Why? Surely because No on Prop 8 is raising money through that site. I donated last night before that attack, but used the Better Democrats… Continue reading “No on Prop 8” site attacked

Good news from Connecticut

What a happy day! As many of you have already heard, the Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex couples can not be discriminated against in terms of marriage. And I believe the last round of marriage/domestic partnership District of Columbia laws went into effect today. Or thereabouts. And so I encourage you to give… Continue reading Good news from Connecticut

Marriage happiness

Obscured by the Knoxville shootings, there is good news from Massachusetts, where the legislature has repealed the 1913 anti-miscegenation law, which rose again vampire-style to prevent out-of-state same-sex couples from marrying in the Bay State. The governor is set to put a stake in to the heart of the law Tuesday, and the law will… Continue reading Marriage happiness