Shaving with water only

There’s a touch of heresy floating around the double-edge-blade shaving web: you don’t really need lather to shave. It’s relevant here because double-edge blades can be had without plastic. Heresy because some of the cachet to double-edge shaving is the equipment — the obvious, but also brushes, mugs, soap, lotions and mirrors — that makes… Continue reading Shaving with water only

Getting the shaving brush

My male office-mates know I’m an advocate of double-edge razors: they save money, plastic and provide a superior shave. Martin Higgins ( had a post today about safety razors — but if you see the one he notes, avoid it; I got one and it’s awful — and the subject of shaving brushes came up… Continue reading Getting the shaving brush

Shaving without plastic

A while back I changed my shaving routine, going from cartridge blades and canned foam first to a traditional double-edge blades in a holder. I revived the use of my shaving brush. Then I got my grandfather’s all-metal razors after my grandmother died. I moved from blades cased in plastic and sold in blister packs… Continue reading Shaving without plastic

Revisiting my shaving posts

I’ve stumbled into a sidebar conversation with Ms. Theologian about shaving tools. For more than a year, I’ve cleared away the unbearded parts of my face with my grandfather’s “missile silo” double-edge razor, Wilkinson blades, a shaving brush I’ve had for eons and Kiss My Face Moisture Shave. I’m sure I spend less than $20… Continue reading Revisiting my shaving posts