Swedenborgian praise: the Te Dominum

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been poking around Swedenborgian worship styles and I keep running to to references to a chanted text, the Te Dominum. This isn’t the Te Deum — that well-known Christian canticle was so widespread that even the Universalists and Unitarians were known to sing it — rather, this was something only… Continue reading Swedenborgian praise: the Te Dominum

“The Law of Love”

Later. Text added below. I may be preaching occasionally for a small local Swedenborgian church in the future, so I figured the liturgy should match their tradition, no? Well, like the Unitarian and Universalist liturgical traditions, it seems to be remembered more than practiced. A shame: some of the more distinctive features have “great bones”… Continue reading “The Law of Love”

A good Christmas Eve service for a small church

I attended the Christmas Eve service at the Swedenborgian Church of the Holy City: I wrote about this service in 2005 and 2004. The service is essentially the same as I wrote in 2005 except there were more people present and it began at 5pm. I didn’t time it but think the whole thing took… Continue reading A good Christmas Eve service for a small church