Ten non-resolutions for 2017

So, it’s 2017 now. I’m in that group of people who wants to make New Year’s resolutions, but doesn’t keep them well. I’ve made ill-fated resolutions about losing weight so many times that I’ve given up on them. I’ll try these ten non-resolutions instead:

  1. Try to keep my sodium intake down. That should help with my blood pressure.
  2. Find and use a tailor to make my clothing fit. Easier than trying to tailor myself.
  3. Try to walk a bit more. It’s the most exercise I get, so I might as well get more.
  4. Move my diet closer to vegan (I’m already a vegetarian) particularly by restricting egg consumption. I don’t really like them anyway, and it’s a good way to lose some more saturated fat.
  5. Work on core strength. Do those exercises I learned in physical therapy. A concrete step to overcoming back pain.
  6. Settle on a good haircut, with a reliable barber. I wasn’t going to lose skull weight anyway, so a good haircut would help my head look better. Ditto the beard.
  7. Cut back on white bread. I like it, but it sits on me like lead.
  8. Try to take outings that don’t focus on getting food or eating.
  9. Take the stairs more and see if that helps strengthen my knees, or see an orthopedist if it doesn’t.
  10. Learn to stretch my back to help relieve back pain.

So I won’t make a resolution to lose weight, but will endeavor to change those behaviors that will get me closer to having those health and appearance improvements that I attribute to weight loss. After all, it’s not the particular number of pounds that I want.

We’ll see if that works, or at least if I can keep up with it.


By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.

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