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Universal Salvation? The Current Debate

Why do the Calvinist presses put out all the good books about Universalism, either pro or con? And why – with matters of universal salvation and the divine economy (the Trinity) all the rage in Christian circles – are the Unitarian (and) Universalist Christians so painfully out of the loop?

This book is due to be published in North America by Eerdmans, and first came out in Britain by Paternoster Press.

From the Eerdmans website:

Universal Salvation? The Current Debate
Robin Parry (editor), Christopher Partridge (editor)

Will God one day save all people through Christ’s atoning work? That is the question at the heart of the debate in this volume a debate sure to challenge readers, whatever their current perspective.

The book opens with a rigorous defense of universalism by Christian philosopher Thomas Talbott, who argues that Scripture teaches the ultimate salvation of all people, including those in hell. This is followed by responses from a range of Christian scholars who evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of Talbott’s arguments, take his thought in new directions, or explain why they think he is mistaken. Two additional chapters trace universalist teaching in Christian history.

I want this book.

1/1/05 It was finally pubished in the US, and I got it for Christmas!


  1. I also can’t wait to get this book. Why nothing equivalent coming from folks in the UUA? Because there are few theological claims being made within the UUA, and many theological claims being made outside the UUA. Heck, we hardly claim our own Universalism anymore? We’re content to be the “Uncommon Denomination”… kinda like the “uncommon species of Spoonbill Duck”. Shall we revel in our scarcity? -Derek

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