The bread seal

On Sunday, for children’s time, I showed and described the St. Nicholas bread seal an artos stamp for those who understand these things better than me I own, since his feast day is December 6. It is a modern molded seal I got online, and because it is white would be hard to show even if I did have a digital camera. Suffice it to say it had the saint, his name (in reverse) in a number of languages, and emblems related to him, like bags of money, an anchor (he’s the patron saint of sailors, too) and noted he’s carrying a book. (It is the old St. Nicholas seal here.)

The loaves made with that bread seal are not for Communion, but information about it was embedded within a site that deals with Communion bread.

I found the St. Nicholas seal through one of my favorite esoteric sites: “The only place on the World Wide Web devoted exclusively to Orthodox Christian Holy Bread” and I mentioned this to some delight in the coffee hour after the service. Thus this posting.

Holy bread baking is so delightful because it blends the sacred and ordinary so effortlessly that you don’t know where one starts and the other stops. So I hope you enjoy this site.

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