The “why pastors quit” post

OK, yes, you know I think the whole Unitarian Jihad schtick is ephemeral, silly and counterproductive, and I’m just grateful it isn’t insulting, because we’ve gotten that in the past, too.

But if you need a meme to jump on — not literary blog games, but the real thing this time — might I suggest the less happy but more germane (for the ministers out there, anyway) posting of keen blogger Scott Williams, Why pastors quit the ministry.

He’s a Canadian minister — youngish — and had spilled his guts about how troubling pastoral life is like. (He could have been more plain about the financial peril of the ministry, too.)

I’ve been there. Many — if not most — ministers have been there, and there’s a curtain of shame, doubt, and horror he’s pulled back. Good for him. And good for the dozens of others who have sounded off in his comments since.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. Yeah, when he has to deal with Cheifs of Staff who scream at him for no reason and lobbyists who RSVP at three p.m. for a five thirty event and then bitch to his boss if he doesn’t have a printed nametag waiting for them, then he can come crying to me.

    I worked a twelve hour day yesterday that ended with me, in a suit and high heels, moving chairs and big ass tables to put the rented room back the way it was when we arrived. For one party last night, I literally ran to the liquor store three times and once to the boss’ club to track a FedEx package in the business room.

    And I throw parties for a living, which many people assure me is such a ridiculously cushy occupation that I shouldn’t be paid.

    Everybody’s job sucks in some ways and is really cool in others.

    That’s life.

    If he wants to say that his life is hard and his job is weird, OK.

    But I’d say he needs to cut the melodrama of the post about half.

    thinkin’ “No client of mine has ever made ME a freakin’ sock monkey.”

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