Two from PBS for preaching

No, I’m not one of those UU wonks who can’t watch television unless it is filtered through the Public Broadcasting Service, but there were two documentary programs I’ve seen recently that can nicely to preaching.

The first is a Nova episode about the Neanderthal. (Note: the Neander Thal, that is, the Neander Valley, is where the first of these persons’ remains were found. The valley was named for Joachim Neander, who wrote some hauntingly lovely hymns, including “All My Hope on God is Founded.”) It is easy to look into the motives and cultural cues that come from the two sides of the Neaderthal debate are they or are they not human as we understand it and see an attitude that upholds or denies human unity. Indeed, that was the theme of my sermon on September 14. (Not online.)

Show site: Nova: Neanderthals on Trial

The other show is good if you need resources for a sermon on Abraham’s decendents, the Old Testament, or anything relating to the Jewish nation. Sometimes it is nice to get a refresher on the timeline, extra-Biblical witnesses, and the like.

But The Kingdom of David has no real website as far as I can tell!

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