UCC begins Synod 25

Well, now that the dust has settled over the UUA’s General Assembly (GA), remote church convention watchers may focus on the United Church of Christ’s twenty-fifth biennial General Synod. (That’s sin-id, not sie-nod for those who aren’t into church jargon.) I know they’ll get plenty done, because without a car and a guide, Atlanta’s no place to skive off and have fun. Remember that Scarlett went there to make money for Tara, and the place hasn’t changed much since. And it’ll be hotter than two hells in early July. (Note to synod conferees: stay inside and work, but share a cab and get to Doraville for Vietnamese food some evening.)

Unlike the UUA GA, there’s lot of contentious and substantive business. If the resolution on gay marriage passes, the ethnically Hungarian non-geographic Calvin Synod has threatened to leave. (And they seem to be on the edge anyway.) Plus there’s a big measure on the ministry that I hope to see more of.

And programming, of course. One looks quite interesting: Biblical Self-Defence for Youth and Young Adults sponsored by the UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns.

If anyone from the UUCF leadership is reading, I was thinking it maight be a good idea to use the program spot to do something like that in a future year, and move the communion service (like the annual meeting and hymn sing/dinner) off program, or at least off-site to a neighboring church where at least the architecture would probably work.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


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