Unintended hiatus

Well, the day after Christmas, my well-loved Ubuntu machine — originally bought as a MS Windows machine — died. Try as I might, I couldn’t even get the BIOS to boot. Perhaps a stray bit of static when I tried to add some memory? Fortunately, I backed up everything but the few days before Christmas, and even there there was nothing crucial lost.

I’m writing this from within Mac OS X from my new Mac Mini, that I’m about ready to return. (More about that later.) And since the Mac Mini needs USB mouse and keyboard, I bought them. Oh, they’re from Microsoft. Someone is laughing somewhere. (PeaceBang, it had better not be you.)

Until I can get my computing situation under control — and I have bigger fish to fry right now — blogging will be light.


“More about that later” fix: no mystery really. I hate Macs: they’re overpriced and overhyped and are as fragile as a Fabergé meringue.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. Hi

    Just curious – what do you do for backup? I got an external USB connected hard drive, ran the XP ASR backup program, and put the backup file on external drive. That, plus a floppy generated during backup, plus the XP install disk, should bring me back from the dead if the C drive dies. I hope I never need it.

    Best wishes with your computer, and happy new year!


  2. CDs. Lots of CDs. Also, I keep my email on the server. All I loose in the latest files and the outbound email, except that I run through my gmail account.

    But . . . see the next post

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