Unitarian Universalism is . . . People

I’ll admit up front that I didn’t expect to like the generic radio spot for the new UUA “Uncommon Denomination” campaign and wasn’t disappointed. (“Uncommon Denomination” is a service mark of the Unitarian Universalist Association, which I’m sure upsets the marketing people at the United Methodist Church.)

You can download the radio spot in MP3 format at this page. (All the way at the bottom.)

Now, I expected it to be dated, wordy, vague, and hokey (it is) but I didn’t expect my first, visceral impression to be “Jeez, it sounds like the recording played to the people in Soylent Green right before they’re offed.”

By which I mean the scene in the 1970s social-apocalyptic sci-fi-horror film where “Book” (played by Edward G. Robinson) surrenders to the peace of state euthanasia (a remedy to vast overpopulation) after which his body is converted to green crackers (the eponymous Soylent Green) and is fed to the teeming masses.


Anyway, this horrifies his friend, Thorn (played by that maven of the post-apoc-flick, Charlton Heston) who learns the truth, and gives the film its memorable line “Soylent Green is . . . people!” (Perhaps we can get Heston as the voice talent next time?)

So now, I hear this evangelistic spot, and all I can think of is a gentle slide into anarchy and cannibalism. Probably due to the SUVs and Republicans. Shoulda listened to them Actions of Immediate Witness.

Lord, we do unintentional self-parody better than anyone. A Mighty Wind anyone?

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