Universalism in Opus

Unitarian Universalist minister Kit Ketcham (a.k.a. Miss Kitty; Miss Kitty’s Saloon and Road Show) points out the universalist-themed Opus comic strip in her local paper today. Very nice.

That link looks like it will only be good for the week, so if you find this later, look to the Washington Post Writers Group page for Opus for August 19, 2007 here after this week passes.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. It also works the other way around. The perpetrators of the Holocaust must face that the Jewish peoples are part of the Kingdom of Heaven. Nobody said universal salvation would be easy, pain free, or perfectly pleasant. Such are the mathematics of the gospel of God’s success.

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