Up, up, and away

Chutney at MyIrony.com [blog defunct] was making some light-hearted (?) comments about Unitarian Universalists being left behind in the Rapture.

Forget that: I’m packing a bag. At least there’s precedent: Jesus rose once that we might live, and he rose again that his spirit might come. By it, we are one and free. (God, I love this.)

Universalists were the first American Protestants (depending on how you categorize the Episcopalians) to make something out of the feast of the Ascension, which this year will be on May 20.

First, it is one of those “lost holidays” ripe with meaning. In addition to it heralding the Paraclete (not parakeet) or Comforter, Christ gave his spirit for the mission of the church. It is all at the end of Luke and beginning of Acts. Kids brought up on the “continued next week” school of television drama will recognize the genre.

A. Durer's Ascension

But more: Universalists identified the Ascension with Christ’s other promise: the salvation of all. This time harkening from the gospel of John: When I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself. (12:32)

Forget these Rapture-happy fools with their theological redlining. God has it covered, and I plan on being there when he is All-in-All.

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