1. Scott – I found the article for the picture on Wikipedia.

    It talks about the “Cult of Reason” during the French Revolution.

    The ending for this group wasn’t too pleasant.

    The dictator Robespierre established the “Cult of the Supreme Being” as a competing organization. He executed the leaders of “Cult of Reason” using the guillotine to ensure the success of his Supreme Being group.

  2. I think Scott’s writing about what could be viewed as the flaming Chalice in the picture.

    I studied the the Taborites in a College Class and grew up near what was once the largest Czech community in the US. I was aware of the Chalice as a political symbol too, and one used during the Taborite wars against a Catholic German army. It had a militant symbolism (not exactly standing on the side of love) if you knew the history of Martin Zizka and the Taborites.

    The Chalice has an edge. Reformers going a bit too far in France, Bohemia, and in our hands perhapes here.

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