Weddings memories

Getting a touch sentimental – and refreshed in my convication on the value of marriage. Going back and doing some long overdue record keeping. After every wedding I do, I keep a copy of the marriage licence (or, if a wedding service between two persons of the same sex, some other record of the day) and now I’m reducing the information onto a spreadsheet. If I don’t do it now, some of the carbonless copies (as they use in DC) I have will fade and be unreadable.

I enjoy seeing the wedded couples I’ve married. I can’t believe I’ve married so many friends, and at the last service I had in Georgia, I there were two couples present whose services I’ve done. A good feeling that.

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  1. Did you ever get a copy of our paperwork? I know you weren’t the one to sign the forms, but you know we still consider it you that married us :)

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