What not to do in worship

I went to another UCC church today, and won’t go back there. (Again, no names to spare the innocent.)

But after straining my voice over the keyed-too-high hymns, pinching myself to stay awake during the rambling, point-free sermon, and steeling myself against the underheated sanctuary (which I now call the “castration, sedation, and hibernation” approach to church) I just wasn’t in the mood to have to sit through a three-minute fast-and-dirty congregational meeting (with no option to leave) or be a “guest” at their fund raising luncheon, in lieu of coffee hour. At the first opportunity, I bolted. How visitor unfriendly — no, negligent — can you be?

This church didn’t seem to have any other visitors this morning, and a bad flu season could “bring home” a good portion of the adult congregation of forty. I won’t be going back.

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