What’s important enough for you to Open Space?

General Assembly is coming very fast. Open Space Technology is a new introduction to the proceedings, but I’m really unclear as to its role; hearing that a number of bloggers don’t have or have only recently received their printed material doesn’t fill me with warm and hopeful feelings. (I’ve yet to find a reference to a group this large doing it, so points to the Planning Committee, Board or both for adventure.)

Just enough time for this thought: since the Open Space Technology process depends on what is important to its participants, what is important enough to you to

  1. demand it be discussed
  2. find others to start talking

Seriously, if you plan on attending the Open Space sessions, what do you intend to bring?  Please comment.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. I read my material in the GA Program Guide, and was still confused about the process. I talked to a friend who seemed more familiar with it, and now I’ve got a better understanding of what its purpose is, but am definitely waiting for more information … all I know is to show up at GA and then go to a “domain” and then … see what happens?

    Am I really supposed to get more information? The First plenary session is supposed to explain it more, right?

  2. The preliminary information is scant at best. And this doesn’t make me want to give up any workshop spaces (or pool time!) to go to something where I have no idea what might happen. Workshops have descriptions. These meetings are so vague in nature that there doesn’t seem to be any point to plan ahead to be at them.

    If the planning committee wanted to put this big emphasis on this new process, why on earth did they schedule it against all of the headline workshops, that many people go to GA for in the first place? Why not eliminate a workshop slot or the random one hour Plenary on Friday night and have the initial “Domains” at a time when nothing else is going on?

    The scheduling this year, I think, is atrocious. The longest Plenary sessions are on Sunday, of all days. How much sense does that make?

  3. PB, I think something must have happened to your program in the mail! I received mine last week, and it was forwarded from my prior address. I got mine a day after everyone else in the Portland area, but I got it.

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