Wicca-licious day in the blogosphere

There are two interesting developments on the blogosphere with a Wiccan or neo-Pagan theme.

First, there is last Wednesday’s posting by Andy T of Searching for a Better Way, a Wiccan who wrote “I’ve Been Reading The Bible” .

He comes up with a rather Jeffersonian tack to the Gospel, and is rather pleased by what he reads coming out of Jesus’ mouth. He writes: “Sorry man, but I don’t see any Christ in many of the present day “Christian” churches. Instead they remind me of college fraternities where a select, chosen few are welcome and the rest are turned away at the door.”

Such a selective reading of the Gospels has its perils (mainly for Christians) but you have call this a postive interfaith exchange.

Likewise, read Andii Bowsher at Nouslife picked up on this story and thanks to him for writing on it first. He also commented at the article above.

UU Pagan writer Jason Pitzl-Waters (The Wildhunt Blog) wraps up some of these themes nicely in “Communicating.”

In other news, TallSkinnyKiwi spreads the news (“Will Wicca Be America’s 3rd Religion?“) that Wicca may be the United States’ next “third” religion, after Christianity and Judaism by 2030. Like him, I’m a little dubious of the numbers and the source, but the Wicca mainline doesn’t seem to be. When these kind of news stories come fron fundamentalist Christian sources, I have to wonder about motive.

See “Christians and Pagans Agree, Wicca Emerging as America’s Third Religion” through the frames atWitchcraft Today.

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By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.

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  1. Sadly, Howard Thurman came to much of the same conclusion that Andy T has — at least inso far as your post mentions, since I have not gone back and read the source post. But Thurman essentially accused Christianity of betraying Christ.

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