Wikipedia comes close to home

I love Wikipedia, the best open-source online encyclopedia around. When I need terms to distinguish between different kinds of dim sum, or want a list of the world’s subway systems, or how many people live in Malta, I go there.

They seem to have an article for everything. Of course, there’s one for Universalism, but that has an error in the telling of the Murray-Potter legend. So you take the good with the bad.

But who would have thought there’d be a listing for . . .

Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship or the Magi Network?

[2009. Indeed. The Magi Network article has since been deleted for lack of notability.]


  1. I wish I was closer to a Christian UU community. I didn’t even know any such thing existed. I do know of UUCF and may become a member there. Glad Wikipedia gives recognition to us Christian UUs! :)

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