Worship near Electric Avenue

Off to London, and one of the niceties is being able to worship from amid the congregation. A Little Bird suggested the Brixton Unitarian Church, since the Bethnel Green church is closed on second Sundays of the month.

You’ll recall that’s an area with a substantial West Indian community (perhaps a roti after services?) and suffered a terrorist bombing a few years ago. Most 30-somethings will recall it is the neighborhood sung in Eddie Grant’s hit “Electric Avenue” which is a real street in Brixton.

But the church is on nearby Effra Road, so if I can get the tune out of my head, I’ll be read for worship.

The evening service, if I’m up for it, will be across town at the Stratford Unitarian Church that’s E15, so I’m getting (perhaps inaccurate) images of EastEnders since they don’t have a morning service, and, indeed, have no website.

Brixton Unitarian Church

A view of the Effra Road


  1. – The Brixton Unitarians seem to have something of the lay ministry we earlier blogged about. They employ a “layperson in charge”. Please let us know how you think that is working out for them, and if it is a set-up we in America could learn from.

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