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  1. My journey began a few years ago reading John Noe’s book “Hell Yes, Hell No”. I’ve since edited a couple of new books for him and find myself counter to some of his theology. But his challenge to consider the universal efficacy of the Cross of Christ resulted in a bedrock disruption and reform in my life perspective and pursuits. At last, everything seems to make sense. God’s love and justice are finally two harmonious sides of the same coin.

    I am filled with a unique hope I’ve never had before, but I’m also drained of something. I’m alone. I have no community to share my journey with face-to-face. John Noe’s most recent book heralds what he believes to be the next great reformation noting the so-called “500-year Cycle” and the October 31 five-hundred-year anniversary of Luther’s 95 Theses. I hope he’s right, but that’s only a mild comfort to my loneliness. If my large evangelical family knew of my preterist and now “Christian universalist” leanings, they would fear for me. I’ve given up hoping to find, on my own, a CU church or even a cell group anywhere in Middle Tennessee, the hook on the buckle of the Bible belt. I hope now that networking with groups like yours will someday present a lead to others nearby also on this isolated trek.

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