Vegan ham #2: Lam Sheng Kee Vegetarian Ham (Chicken Flavor)

Let me start by saying I really like this product. Even if it has about two too many words in its name. I think “vegetarian ham” is easier to understand than a “chicken ham.” After all, a vegetarian analog is like the meaty original, but made without animals. But is a vegetarian chicken ham a… Continue reading Vegan ham #2: Lam Sheng Kee Vegetarian Ham (Chicken Flavor)

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Vegan ham reviews

Nothing seems to attract so much derision in a vegetarian diet as the prospect of a vegetarian ham. Some, more serious vegetarians object to mock meats, and I’ve heard enough non-vegetarians dismiss the idea with disgust. “Why not eat the real thing?” But nobody looks at a sausage and asks, “why don’t you eat real… Continue reading Vegan ham reviews

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Importing old articles from

It has been three years since I’ve added anything to my plastic-use reduction blog,, and the domain expires today. I’ve woved the old content to here and will tagging it — if I can — “low plastic.” If I write anything else on the subject, it will be there.

Moving the ministry to

From here on, the focus of my writing ministry will be at, and that is interpreting Universalist Christianity for today, particularly in practical and popular ways, and identifying and developing methods to operate churches and other ministries more efficiently and economically, including worship and leadership development, plus short notices and news as appropriate. An… Continue reading Moving the ministry to

Congregation count at the current UUA Board meeting

The Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Association is in the middle of its October meeting. No great thought on my part, but I did note that there is a net loss of two congregations, per the Changes in Congregational Status (PDF) report. The First Universalist Society of Salem (MA) has merged with First… Continue reading Congregation count at the current UUA Board meeting

Unitarian Universalism is not heresy

I’ll not hide the lede: Unitarian Universalism is not heresy, even when it’s not right. It’s hurtful and vexing that it’s a common assertion that Unitarian Universalism is a heresy, and that it is built on heresies. [Here’s a link to a Google search for “unitarian universalist heresy” to underscore my point.] At worst, this… Continue reading Unitarian Universalism is not heresy

Introductions to Universalism

A nice chat with other member of Universalist National Memorial Church after services today, over coffee. As sometimes happens, the matter of books came up, which merged with another comment about Hosea Ballou, and from there to books about Universalism. I recommended two smallish, straight-forward books and a documentary history, if with reservations. Both are… Continue reading Introductions to Universalism